71. Aloha Hawaii – Aloha Florida

71.  Aloha Hawaii – Aloha Florida

After two days reminiscing at the Hawaiian Regent, we were winging our way to San Francisco — so we thought.  Just past the midpoint, the pilot announced an earthquake had damaged the airport in San Francisco and we were diverted to Sacramento.

After being stranded at the airport overnight, we flew a small United Express to San Jose the next day to spend a few days with Betty’s Aunt Ella and house friend, Mary.  Things were tense at their house.  After the second time the big sledge hammer hit the house, I could see why.  The earthquake aftershocks got one’s attention!

We finally flew into Tampa, and made it to Dunedin, where we rented an apartment at “Twin Lakes.”  Betty’s mother had an apartment across the street.

We enjoyed being with “Mother,” Betty’s mother, who was our local guide and recreation director.  Mother treated us to “THE ICECAPADES” at the St. Pete Convention Center.  There was a day trip to Cypress Gardens to enjoy the waterski show and the flowers.  When we asked Mother what she liked best about Cypress Gardens, she said she liked driving the golf cart we rented for her.

We had dinner together most days, and went out for dinner after church on Sundays.  Saturday night rapidly became “family movie time” when we watched a video together.

I sat on the edge of the inlet and watched a big sailboat furling down to come to mooring.  I eyed the pelican camped on the end of a pole soaking up the sun, and savored the sight of a few sea gulls skimming around looking for minnows.  A huge white Egret, probably three feet tall, stalked up the grass two yards down from me.  I inhaled the salty pungent smell of waterfront — this is Florida!  The pelican winked, the gull squawked, “Welcome Kanaka! ( Hawaii native) Welcome new Cracker.” (Native Floridian)

4 thoughts on “71. Aloha Hawaii – Aloha Florida

  1. Sue Sauer

    You had me laughing, as I enjoyed hearing about the birds’ antics! Sounds wonderful!!! You have a wonderful way of describing things – and expressing your joy.

  2. Clare

    Tampa area was rewarded long time by your relocation! God’s providence as I see it!

  3. Aileen Chinen

    Wow! From the calm warm balmy breezes, green mountains, and lapping waves of blue Hawaii to an earthshaking adventures of California! And then to a natural…er…nature’s welcome of Florida! You’ve experienced such extremes in such a short period of time! Yet…I could sense God’s Hands upon you 😀 Praise Him! Yay! 🙂

  4. Ruth Baxter

    Well, what a greeting. An earthquake. That was an earth shaking welcome. It seems like you settled into Florida life nicely in Dunedin.

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